Freemium Games: Good or Bad?

It is a very interesting concept that we have going on in the mobile gaming world right now. There are so many great games that you can play online or on your phone, and you can play those games without having to spend much money up front. But these games do have a method for making money. In fact, there are two money making methods that are in play with these games. The methods that we wanted to talk about are ads and the freemium aspect of the game. What do you all think about these games being freemium? We have some thoughts.

What we believe more than anything else is that if you are putting ads on a game, then you have no business asking people to also pay you money to access different features. Sure, if it costs you more money to add those features to the game, it is understandable that you are going to want to get some compensation. But if you are advertising your game in one way, and then you are going ahead and making half the elements of the game locked, then you are not doing things in the right way.

That is why we believe that some of these mobile games deserved to get hacked. For instance, there is the game MovieStarPlanet. It is a great game, if you have coins or diamonds. But guess what you have to do if you want to get those coins and diamonds? Yes, you are right, you have to spend more money. And it is not just a bit of money. It can add up very fast. And that is why we believe that if you are wanting to have fun with any mobile game, like MovieStarPlanet, then you want to get a hack first. You can go to sites like for these hacks.

When you are using the hacks, the games change completely. Now you will never have to even enter these in game stores, because you are just using the hacks and you are adding all the coins or diamonds or other in-game currency that is needed. Now before you get worried, we should let you know that these hacks are not serious. It is just a way of adding coins, and it will not get you in any trouble. The very worst that can happen is that you will lose those coins, but that is about it.

Now if you are wondering why we advocate for hacking these games, the answer is simple. We do not believe in the concept of a freemium games. These games are never truly free. You are getting a ton of ads in the games, which means you are paying. It is just like basic television, where you do not pay but you get ads. These games are the same way, and there is no reason for them to add a paid element so they can get even richer from people who just want to have a bit of fun!